CHTCS-Logo-For-SiteLast Thursday, a total of 71 migrant bodies were found in a lorry in Austria near the Hungarian border in a suspected human trafficking operation gone wrong. Autopsies revealed that the migrant men, women, and children died due to suffocation after being locked in the truck.Four suspects have since been arrested and charged with aggravated human smuggling in Hungary and will be in custody until September 29th. Officials expect Austria to push hard for the extradition of the four suspects.

Following Thursday’s incident, the United Nations’ Secretary General Ban Ki-moon urged “for more concerted action to alleviate Europe’s migrant crisis” as an increasing number of migrants from the Middle East and Africa are trying to reach Europe. Austrian Foreign Minister Sebastian Kurz says “if we don’t find a European solution to the refugee crisis there is a danger that more and more countries try to solve the crisis on their own by building a fence, like Hungary does for example.”

Last month, there were 107,500 migrants who crossed the EU borders. It’s been reported that just this month, more than 40,000 asylum seekers have landed in Hungary from the Balkans, most of them seeking refuge from Syria.

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Source: BBC