CHTCS in Supply & Demand Chain Executive’s Feature Story of its December 2016 Issue

CHTCS-Logo-For-SiteWe at Counter Human Trafficking Compliance Solutions (CHTCS) were happy to close out the year being highlighted in Supply & Demand Chain Executive’s feature story “VF Puts People First” about improving corporate social responsibility throughout apparel companies in its December 2016 issue.

The story focused on the VF Corporation, a company who despite having no business in Rana Plaza at the time of Rana Plaza factory fire, found the devastating accident so tragic that it took matters into its own hands, “addressing potential problems with factory conditions, worker safety and sustainability within its own supply chain”, far before legislation and regulations required them to do so.

Our COO and CSO James Wiley was quoted in the article, saying “Companies might say [corporate social responsibility] costs too much money, but it will save a company money in the long run.” If you’d like to read the entire article, please click the button below.

View Full Article, Pgs. 16-18

Source: Supply & Demand Chain Executive