Ed and Harriet’s £45 “This Is What A Feminist Looks Like” sweatshop conditions outrage

CHTCS-Logo-For-SiteFeminist T-shirts proudly worn by Ed Miliband, Nick Clegg and Harriet Harman are made in ‘sweatshop’ conditions by migrant women paid just 62p an hour, a Daily Mail investigation has revealed. The women machinists on the Indian Ocean island of Mauritius sleep 16 to a room – and earn much less than the average wage on the island.

The £45 T-shirts carry the defiant slogan ‘This is what a feminist looks like’. But one of the thousands of machinists declared: ‘We do not see ourselves as feminists. We see ourselves as trapped.’ In this special investigation by the Daily Mail, Ben Ellery reveals exactly what is like for these women.

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