Counter Human Trafficking Compliance Solutions (CHTCS)

is an Artificial Intelligence powered, technology driven firm formed with a unique mission to counter slave labor and human trafficking in supply chains.

Through the use of proprietary technology and sound supply chain principles, we provide certainty to our clients by helping them understand the sources and severity of risk in their supply chains and reduce or mitigate that risk where necessary

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Slave Labor – A Global Problem Today

In today’s global marketplace, supply chains across the world are being compromised by human trafficking, forced labor, and slave labor.

Do you know who you do business with?

Modern supply chains are sophisticated and complex networks. Rapidly changing conditions may create new risks tomorrow where none existed yesterday. Increasingly stringent laws and regulations create more challenging compliance requirements. Our solutions help bring clarity and certainty by putting information at your fingertips and allowing you to stay in front of this important issue.

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What Sets CHTCS Apart?

Our unique access to geopolitical intelligence, state of the art technology
and our data analytics platforms position us as a market leader.


Our robust technology platform turns deep analytical rigor into actionable information by putting reports and dashboards at your fingertips and providing unique insights into potential risks across your supply chain.

Data Insights

We utilize both supplier- provided data and externally acquired data to inform our data analysis. Proprietary algorithms powered by our GRAT technology help us identify patterns in the data and supplier responses to generates risk scores for each supplier.

Geopolitical Intelligence

Our team is comprised of elite military veterans and business professionals. This subject matter expertise and experience gives us unprecedented insight into the effects of international politics and economics other external factors on your business.

Research and Access

Our team’s unique background as in law enforcement, government, business and academia gives our clients unmatched access to not only the latest research on human trafficking, slave labor and supply chain risk, but also sound, practical advice on how to address these risks.

Our products and services
provide real time data and insights

to ensure you have the tools to mitigate risk,
adhere to compliance regulations, and forecast
disruptions in your supply chain

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Identify Risk in Your Supply Chain

Using a combination of known facilities along with survey results and a propriety algorithm CHTCS can assess the risk of Slave Labor and Human trafficking in your supply chain.

Global Monitoring of Supply Chain Changes

Our Global Monitoring capabilities are supported across all devices and platforms keeps you informed wherever you are. Using mandatory questionnaires, our technology allows you to gather data directly from each of your suppliers.

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Custom Reporting Built Around Your Business

Pick and choose reporting metrics that are directly related to your business and industry. Zero in on a specific type of supplier, compare and contrast suppliers from the same region, or measure a suppliers adherence to local laws and regulations. Whatever is important for your monitoring practices, we give you the tools to accurately measure these factors and assess how they might.

On Demand Supplier Risk Insights

Our technology allows you to determine which of your suppliers present both the most and least risk based on a variety of factors of your choosing such as geographical location, population demographics, industry, local laws and regulations and more.

This data is analyzed and provides a ranking system of your supply chain, giving your executive team a full breakdown of your 3rd party suppliers that can serve as the basis for your auditing priorities.