CHTCS-Logo-For-SiteOver the span of the past few years, countries around the world have come under fire for not addressing rampant human trafficking issues including modern slavery, forced labor, and sex slavery that affect their citizens. “Each year it generates over $32 billion for those who are involved in enslaving others. The toll is actually much higher though, as 99 percent of those who are sold into the modern day slavery will never escape.” As general awareness of the scale of these issues has risen, so has the response, and now even states in the United States where some may not think these issues exist are following suit. Why? Because these problems do exist in the United States.

One common point of emphasis found in human trafficking awareness initiatives across the country is empowering those best positioned to make a difference. A great example of this strategy is the organization Truckers Against Trafficking. Human traffickers in the United States often use large highways and interstates to move from place to place. Truckers Against Trafficking aims to educate truckers who travel the same roads and stop at the same rest stops as traffickers on the signals and red flags commonly found with human trafficking victims. This organization and its education programs across the country teach truckers to recognize victims and gives them the resources to contact law enforcement when they suspect human and sex trafficking. The state of Ohio recently passed a law that requires everyone applying for a commercial trucking license to receive human trafficking awareness training.

This same principle has also been applied to the air travel industry and in fact, CHTCS hasprovided human trafficking awareness to flight attendants and airline staff through our partnership with Airline Ambassadors International and Classroom24-7.

Overall awareness of human trafficking and sex slavery in the United States has been growing, as high profile cases have recently popped up during events such as the super bowl. Federal and state governments are also doing their job, coming up with new legislation aimed at not only preventing and arresting traffickers, but also supporting the many victims of trafficking who have suffered.

“For a victim of assault, the assault can be a life changing event. For a victim of human trafficking, the victim is often assaulted 15 – 20 times per day.”

Source: Inquisitr