Our services and custom solutions compliment our extensive product offering.

Our advisory, intelligence, analytics and custom solutions services can deliver data driven, comprehensive, and statistically accurate reports and assessments that will mitigate risk and increase business logic.


Our products are designed to offer sound operational guidance identifying areas of concern and recommendations for corrective actions. In cases where clients or suppliers desire more in-depth supply chain and operations advisory assistance, our team of supply chain professionals is available to perform detailed on-site diagnostics, develop transformation roadmaps, and provide project support. These services are typically only provided to existing clients, and are performed under separate agreement from core product agreements by highly experienced consultants.


GRAT technology, and our assessments are supported by sophisticated, real-world intelligence gathered from digital and on-the-ground sources. Our intelligence capability includes our own highly experienced team of intelligence and supply chain experts, world-leading information gathering services and a network of vetted assets. Geopolitical, weather, digital and social intelligence are fully leveraged in our products. However, we recognize the world is a dynamic place, and clients may have a need for specific intelligence due to environmental factors, political unrest or other unforeseen events. In those cases, we provide additional intelligence gathering services for clients on a case-by-case basis.


Quantitative and Qualitative data is the foundation of your business. Our statistical analysis of your data clearly outlines insights, patterns, and trends to help inform your decisions, guide your operational management workflow, and give you the tools to understand the direction of your business.

Custom Solutions

Our custom solutions teams identify your needs and deliver bespoke technologies as stand alone products or modules built within your technological framework. These powerful solutions are scalable and versatile and able to grow as your company scales or pivots during market volatility. Bring us your ideas and we can build it.