CHTCS-Logo-For-SiteMalaysia is an object of contention amongst US officials, after reports claim they will be upgraded to the Human Trafficking Tier 2 Watch List. This is a significant improvement for Malysia due to the fact that they earned a Tier 3 rating last year. This substandard rating is the lowest a country can receive in the United States’ assessment of human trafficking in other countries. Although the U.S. recognizes their recent efforts to combat this inhumane crime, certain officials have had a different view on the matter and expressed their opinions publicly.

US Senator, Bob Menendez states, “The deplorable human trafficking crisis in Malaysia merits a global cry for action and justice — not an attempt to sweep them under the rug for political expediency.”

In the past year Malysia has made an attempt to dissolve human trafficking rings but have only made a meniscal dent in the matter. Most recently, abandoned jungle camps for hosting captives was discovered. These camps included pens to confine hostages and more than 100 graves for those unable to endure the oppressive living conditions.

Despite disagreement, Malysia will be moved to the watch list next week during John Kerry’s U.S. global government assessment.

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Source: Associated Press