Counter Human Trafficking Compliance Solutions provides clients with the most comprehensive action programs to foster best practices across all business sectors and supply lines. Our specialized programs and services are designed to help corporations understand intricate legislative policies so they can remain compliant while conducting business in the most socially responsible manner possible.



We customize these compliance, assessment, training, education, and research services to accommodate the needs of each individual client.

On-the-Ground Supply Chain Assessments

We perform on-the-ground Counter Human Trafficking, C-TPAT, and General Security Threat assessments for your corporation and third party suppliers in order to assess risk, policy implementation, training, and compliance.

Recommendations and Improvement Plans

We customize improvement plans that suit your business’ short- and long-term goals. We identify noncompliance issues and inconsistencies in corporate policy and subsequently provide recommendations, policy strategies, and management education to help your corporation mitigate risk and promote compliance with local, state, federal, and international legislation.

Corporate Compliance & CSR Policy Review

We review your corporate policies, including Corporate Social Responsibility Policies and Grievance Policies, and facilitate compliance with local, state, federal, and international human trafficking, forced labor, and child labor laws and regulations.

Training and Education

We provide on-site and online courses on human trafficking identification and awareness for your entire corporate workforce, from C-level management to third party suppliers and vendors. We tailor each program to specifically address your needs and implement Classroom24-7‘s proprietary learning management system to train and educate your local and global workforce.


No two clients are the same. These additional services ensure that all of your corporation’s specific concerns are addressed.


We provide disaster preparedness consulting to ready your corporation for times of natural or man-made disasters. We formulate unique plans of action to address human trafficking, forced labor, and child labor activities that may arise as a result of such events.

Data Mining and Reporting

We offer region and industry specific supply chain research that is collected both firsthand and electronically. Our distinctive research methods include, but are not limited to, social media filter monitoring and data analytics. We publish quarterly reports for clients that cover corporate best practices, proposed or modified laws and regulations, and emergent technologies. In addition, we provide custom research reports in advance of special events.

Human Resources Consulting

We provide human resources and personnel guidance that will enable you to hire employees and senior management with the specific skillsets required to develop and maintain operational compliance.

Corporate Social Responsibility Promotion

Increasingly, consumers are holding corporations to higher social responsibility standards. By implementing our customized programs, your corporation can cement its dedication to social responsibility and directly address growing consumer demand for corporate accountability.


Human trafficking activities often occur in conjunction with the production of special events such as the Super Bowl, World Cup, and Olympics. We provide special events policy and support services for the corporate sponsors of large events and conferences to mitigate the risks involved and to prepare for worst-case scenarios.

Corporate Crisis Management

We are able to rapidly assemble and deploy teams to manage and assist with any crisis your business may encounter. Our global reach and corporate subject matter experts provide access to a wide array of talent that works directly with your C-level management to find quick and long-term sustainable solutions during crisis situations.