CHTCS-Logo-For-SiteIn case you missed it, the United Kingdom (UK) passed the Modern Slavery Act 2015 this past year and the legislation carries serious implications for the corporations it affects. Since the law has taken effect, all commercial organizations with operations in the UK and an annual gross revenue of at least £36 million are legally required to publish a public modern slavery statement disclosing their anti-human trafficking policies and what actions they are taking to ensure their operations and supply chains do not contain human trafficking and modern slavery.

Since the law is a relatively new one that is difficult to both monitor and enforce, not all businesses are taking it seriously, while others simply do not know how to write a modern slavery statement. That is way Personnel Today took the time to explain in 8 steps how to write these statements and what they should contain. These steps are attributed directly to Personnel Today. Please click on the Personnel Today hyperlink at the bottom to view the detailed explanations of each step.

Step 1. Reiterate your commitment to tackling modern slavery.
Step 2. Explain your organizational structure and supply chains.
Step 3. Set out who has responsibility for anti-slavery initiatives.
Step 4. Link off to relevant policies.
Step 5. State what due diligence of suppliers is carried out.
Step 6. Provide an overview of key performance indicators.
Step 7. Explain how you train staff on anti-slavery measures.
Step 8. Flag up any awareness-raising programs.

Even with this kind of guidance, some companies do not have the time or resources to determine if the UK’s Modern Slavery Act 2015 applies to them, let alone to conceive and publish a detailed corporate statement that should reflect actual corporate policies. That is where we are uniquely positioned to help. CHTCS dedicates the time and resources to human trafficking compliance when our clients cannot. If you think your business is not adhering to counter-human trafficking laws and regulations, we would be happy to give you an assessment to determine if any further action is needed.

For more information about CHTCS and how we can help your organization, please contact us.

Source: Personnel Today